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Reusable napkins for household cleaning [1 ROLL - 40SHEETS] [NON WOVEN]

Rs. 369.00 Rs. 695.00
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  • Give you a sustainable eco-friendly alternative to traditional tree based paper towels. 


  • Reusable, Washable, Multipurpose Cleaning Tool. Clean Sinks, Tiles, Dishes, Crockery, Desktops, Tabletops, Countertops etc.

  • Easy to clean and can be reused for 4 to 7 times. It will not lose color, avoid the trouble of decolorizing pollution

  • POINT BROKEN STYLE- Point-breaking tearing, easy to extract, Like a cross between a paper towel and a dish rag, but they don't leave lint behind like paper towels, you can wash many times before they wear out.